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We need the place to stay in Downtown.We have 5 people.We are students.. Budget $2,000 per month Accommodation for As a group of friends Ready to move Now. Student Interested in teaming-up Contact Nokki
I have to send a package to my mom for her birthday and what I have to send would fit perfectly in one of those USPS long (retangular) large FLAT RATE Priority Mail box that opens on either end. Apparently, the USPS doesn't have them anymore. If you happen to have one/some lying around that you don't plan to use, I would love to have it. Thanks, Roz
Looking for unused photographic enlarging paper, EXPIRED OKAY as long as it's not exposed. Any size sheets or roll, partial or full.
My daughter is getting married and we are looking for old rugs to put down the aisle. If you need to get rid of any...let me know! I will take it!
I m looking to move ASAP. I m a queer business owner in the event industry, looking for 1-3 female roommates in Frederick. No pets, no smoking, not 420 friendly. I do most of my extroverting out of the house and am more to myself at home. I work from home during the week and am usually at events on weekends, which can mean late nights. I m looking for a big bedroom where I can have a space for ...
I just arrived I need some couch to whom I can give me I live in Gaithersburg
Hello, I am looking for the nest 360 kids cotton swing. If you just have the swing that will do as well as I have the gear. See link below. Thanks for your help.
Looking for a working sewing machine, if anyone has one please contact me. Thank you
Currently looking for a room to rent, Very chill person.. Budget $600 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move Now. Non-smoker Contact Ryan
Any Nikon D lenses that auto focus
Hi I am in need of storage boxes that are neat and subtle so they blend in as furniture. By this I mean anything that helps with organization around the room/house.
Looking for a few pieces of scrap siding & roofing shingles for a Little Free Library I'm building. About 3 square feet of roofing shingles & about 6 square feet of siding will be enough, any color or style.
I am looking for 3 or 4 liter jugs, or 1/2 gallon- when you finish drinking the wine! I know they are less popular with the 3L wine boxes being sold now, but I need the glass. I see the wine on the shelf being sold- glass is still out there. Frederick/ Urbana/ Damascus, south/east county, unless you have a bunch. Will pickup before your recycling or trash day, let me know.
I'm looking for storage bins or totes , with or without lids . I need about 5-6 Medium to large . If anyone has any, I'll take whatever you have . I can pick up at your convenience. TSMIA.
Medium diapers needed for a 17 lb baby. Thank you.
I'm looking for old computers/computer parts or electronics dose not need to be working thank you
Looking for a bench and weights, if anyone has one collecting dust.
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