My family an I are starting over we finally found a place after having to leave our old one due to a broken pipe which caused a flood and everything started to mold by the time our landlord decided to fix it .. however we have nothing all of our money went to getting into the place so If anyone has anything at all they no longer need or use please let me know . We need furniture, couch,loveseat...
I'm a docent at a history museum and need to make costume and accessories. Please email me. Thank you.
Our family of 8 just moved into a home we thought had central AC. We are in need of a unit to borrow until we can afford to buy one. Thanks in advance :)
The jugs that you put on a water fountain I think it's 3or 5 gallons for a project I need 5, please and thank you
In search of watering can, any size, preferably metal but any will do. Can have rust or's for a craft project. Thank you!!
last weekGaithersburg, MD+23 milesItems Wanted
If anyone who has one they are not using, please, we will our it to good use! Thanks in advance!!
Good afternoon fellow freecyclers, Wondering if anyone has a spare HDMI (the one used for modern TV/DVD/etc equipment) extension cable. Almost any length will work. Would prefer to reuse, rather than purchase new, especially as the need may only turn out to be temporary. Thanks very much for your consideration, Morrison Pic of HDMI extension cable plug types: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon...
looking for a few 5 gallon buckets like you get paint in or home depot/lowes buckets.
I am looking for a waffle maker, does not need to be too fancy or anything as long it works! Thank You
I am looking for a small fish tank for my 7 year old daughter. Thank You
I need old housepainting sized brushes for an art project. It doesn't matter what they look like or if they are still usable.
last weekGaithersburg, MD+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a play pen, plastic or metal, in OK condition, from kids or pets. It will be for foster kittens, so it doesn't need to be strong! Just looking for a way to confine them when I can't watch. Can pick up with two hours notice, thanks!